about us

after more than 25 years of being involved in large corporate mergers, acquisitions and floats of our travel companies, we decided to return to our beginnings in the travel industry - owning our own boutique travel management company. the reason? simply put, it was the persistent request of clients in the marketplace that missed their experience of an old fashioned, ‘results driven’ service, along with our desire to personally craft winning solutions that would propel us and our industry as a whole, to higher levels of excellence.

in founding atlas back in 2004, we were determined to create a special kind of travel company - one with inspiration, a modern approach and most importantly, an unquestionable commitment to clients and their travel needs & aspirations. today, that mission, our reason for being, has not only remained firmly engraved in our consciousness but we continually strive to better ourselves in every aspect of the business. and to achieve this,we have assembled a hand selected team of travel experts who, for the most part, have worked together for many years. yes they went their own separate ways over the years – travelling the world, having family, honing their travel skills, but now are happy to be back working together under the atlas brand. a small yet dedicated staff, focused entirely on a keen understanding of client travel needs and the pursuit of delivering them consistently.

we regularly evaluate, upgrade and implement the latest technology and on-line travel solutions available in australasia, so as to empower our team and customers alike with tools that, not only enhance the overall travel experiences, but also keep abreast with the ever growing challenges of traveling in the often unpredictable & complicated world we live in.

we diligently partner with exceptional peer groups and organisations who share the same core values & philosophy with us; this enables us to provide our valued customers with a wider spectrum of quality choices, exclusive offerings and substantial savings. noteworthy to mention among them, our recent affiliation with the
first travel group – new zealand’s leading independent travel alliance that specialises in high-end corporate and leisure travel.

we relocated our offices a short while ago to a purpose built space in a new contemporary building on drake street, freemans bay - we are on the city fringe and we like it that way – relaxed professional but edgy like our services - the décor may be stylish, but the service and experience you can expect is far from cold...

with an ardent yet unassuming sense of pride, it is our pleasure & privilege to be ‘all about opportunity & experience’

kim and roy

roy mcdonald - managing director

roy can be a bit of a perfectionist and hence his ownership assures atlas delivers a consistently 'top notch' customer service. roy cherishes the finer things in life and his savvy gusto naturally rolls over into the style of management in atlas. always striving to bring travel solutions and products to clients that represent the very best quality and value in the market, roy is unmistakably fanatical about it!

kim scarlett - director

if kim had followed her childhood passion for the sea and everything about it, she would have been living on a yacht and gallivanting around the world. instead, she has spent her working life being equally zealous about travel and the quest for extraordinary client travel experiences. kim's role may center around operations/finance management, but it is her obsession in digging out new & distinctive global travel products and bringing them to market, that reaffirms atlas as the agency with a point of difference. however, don't be surprised on a sunny day to find her sailing away on the family yacht.

trina smith - corporate team manager

some may say it is the 'faint' whiff of scottish in her accent that gives trina her edge. no doubt a fact, but it is primarily the 'many' years (not privy to say how many...) of her globe-trotting, coupled with her spirited sense of service that put her in a class all her own. as corporate team leader, trina aptly uses her unparalleled depth of experience & managerial skills to oversee our corporate travel personnel, ensuring our clients day-to-day servicing is consistently second to none.

mary taylor - finance

a sturdy easel and set of paint brushes is what mary craves in her idle time. that's if there is any to spare, after managing all of the financial operations and processes for atlas. yes, it is a big job - heaps of paperwork and figures - but she revels in it all... it must be that right brain - left brain stuff that makes mary excel at both the creative & maths and consequently guarantees atlas is run in a diligent and efficient fashion.

kylie muir - management support

how may i be of service? that is kylie's mantra and clearly the reason she delights at every opportunity to look after her client needs.  kylie's  diverse background in the travel industry allows for a wealth of knowledge which she effortlessly applies to that care & attention. fun loving & positive, she gravitates with great ease towards the happening corner of any occasion - yet don't be surprised to find her foot loose & fancy free in her garden, doting after her two adorable boys and swell husband.

kirsten pollock - consultant

judy robinson - senior consultant

an accomplished retail pro with over 18 years of experience in leisure travel, judy takes great pride in creating uniquely memorable holiday journeys. with a genuine, enthusiastic brio and armed with an extensive tried-and-true world trekking, judy delivers personalised getaways without exception. all wrapped up in her trademark quirky sense of humour no less!

annelore montgomery-williams - consultant

brigitte lister - consultant

rhiana macdonald - consultant