our atlas leisure division came about from a clear need expressed by our clients with a corporate philosophy that a healthy balance between business and time out for their employees is the only way to operate in our ever increasing busy times. constantly evolving, it is today a fully-fledged complimentary entity, catering to all with an expectation of personalised customer service and a desire to experience travelling in 'out of the ordinary' ways.

we strongly believe that every single holiday should be a unique experience that ultimately gives you exactly what you were looking for... and then some! in the hands of our expert and vastly knowledgeable leisure specialists, every aspect of your holiday will be looked after – from exciting, different & exclusive suggested itineraries to securing every related component of your final choice... all delivered with our customary sense of detail and dedicated support, before and during your journey... in other words, a truly worry-free experience from beginning to end.

choosing the right destination can be a daunting process... take a look at some of the endless possibilities we can inspire you with and then let us custom tailor it to fit
your interests, budget and desired time frame:

• elegant boutique-style vacations
• relaxing secluded retreats
• dreamy romantic getaways
• enchanting natural escapes
• authentic cultural journeys
• thrilling sport events
• dynamic adventure holidays
• glamorous shopping sprees
• breathtaking cruises
• once in-a-lifetime honeymoons
• riveting family fun
• inspired commemorative events

unleash your imagination and come asking... it will be our pleasure to turn your holiday dreams into a memorable reality that will hopefully not only meet, but exceed your expectations!

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